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STIHL Shrub Shredder


spring 2017


3 weeks


umeå university

parametric modelling

80 hours

The main aim of the course was to learn Solidworks, with additional focus on branding and styling. The class were given a low cost grass/shrub trimmer, which was to be taken apart, inspected, and then the inside parts transferred into a new design. A suitable brand had to be chosen, analyzed through a brand board and then a new design was to be created with the original components in mind. Everything was modelled in Solidworks and finally 3D-printed .

short funny "commerical"

This was made during the Visual Storytelling Course, separately from the design and manufacturing of the model.


Stihl - Brand Board.jpg

Since its foundation more than 90 years ago the company has grown from a one-man business into a global chainsaw and outdoor power equipment manufacturer. Innovative ideas, in-house know-how and meticulous craftsmanship have resulted in a broad and steadily expanding product portfolio.

“To ease peoples’ work with and in nature”

-  Andreas Stihl, 1925

Stihl - Brand Board.jpg

Color / material usage

ideation + construction  |  14 + 15 hours

Stihl - Sketches.jpg
14 hours
The time limit for the course was 80 hours, thus only 14 went into ideation.
Stihl Process-1.jpg

iterative process

Ideation was a back and forth process with several foam mock-ups, and measuring and re-measuring of the original components.

The internals
A cheap shredder was taken apart to gain access to the inner components
Sanded and primed
Model ready for paint and then fitting of the internal components
Fitting of the components
A delicate and nerv-wrecking process
Stihl Process-5.jpg

Total time spent  |  Final model


To ensure that everything would fit, all the original components were measured, built in Solidworks and finall placed inside the new shrub shredder design.

Stihl - Render 2.jpg
Sthil Render.jpg

Brand board: 
Digital sketching: 
3D modeling: 

1,5 h
10 h
4 h
3,5 h
~55 h
~15 h

80 hours

Final renders
To get a proper understanding of how the finished model would look
Twin grip
Choose the more ergonomic one depending on the setting
Safety button
To avoid accidental activation, engage safety and ON button.
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