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Duo Flow


umeå university​


FM Mattsson/mora

form exercise

2 weeks​

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A form exercise which evolved into a short and intense project that was done in collaboration with Umeå University Hospital and FM Mattson/Mora Group (Scandinavia’s largest supplier of bathoorm accessories). After the field studies at the hospital the class had a joint 3-day workshop, after which everyone chose/developed individual ideas over the remaining week. DuoFlow is the result of pinpointing the most pressing issues in the emergency ward.

Field research  +  3-day group workshop

Water Tap2.jpg
Main problems with existing water taps:
  • The water hitting the sink wakes patients
  • Badly positioned motion sensors fail to trigger
  • Unhygienic surfacing and split-lines
Emergency ward nurse
Umeå University Hospital
Water Tap - Workshop.jpg

needs in the ecu

  • Easy switch between hot and cold 

  • Flushing the system: extremely hot water to eliminate bacteria

  • Better washing ergonomics

  • Higher level of hygiene

Washing hands per day:

20 - 40 times

Using hand sanitizer per dey:

80 - 100 times

washing statistics

Water Tap - Workshop 2.jpg

duo flow  |  Specific to the ecu

Water Tap 5.jpg
Cowers a large area
Aids and speeds up the washing process
Lots of space
Important not to touch anything for surgeons while washing forearms

duo flow  |  Specific to the ecu

Water Tap 6.jpg
Change color depending on water temperature

cold drinking water

Trigger only the first sensor and wait for 2 seconds, no physical contact needed.

features  |  Hygiene in focus

Watertap Back.png

only one splitline

Dimensioned to fit the standard Swedish inlet/outlet distance of 165 mm.

Water Tap 4.jpg
Single visible screw 
This fastens the outer shell to the wall mounted insides, leaving few places for bacterial growth.
Motion sensors pointing down
To instantly determine wether a hand is present or not
Many small nozzels in a circle
This minimizes sound levels and water splatter on nurses
Extremely hot water 
To prevent Legionella growth, flush tap by holding the button down for 10 seconds
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