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Soothie Heart

Philips HQ

Parenting solutions


2019 - 2020

Red Dot Design Award 2022.png
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This is a contemporary, safe and ergonomic baby-focused soother with clever usability features for the parents. Everything has purpose: hygiene is addressed through an easily cleanable one-piece design while safety features include breathing holes and appropriate dimension/material choices. Ergonomics are reflected in the orthodontic teat and face-following curved shape with a discreet notch at the top for the nose. The tab enables simple string and toy accessory attachments with the open-ended teat inviting physical parent interaction. All these needs are discreetly merged with a friendly, cheerful yet timeless and gender natural design.

grounded in reality


Modern needs

The idea was to make a hospital grade yet friendly looking one-piece soothie with modern features available to new moms all over the world. As parents are focusing more and more on health, hygiene and development, this premium soothie addresses all their needs.


0-3 months


3-6 months

two sizes


form and function

The design was driven by vital functional and regulatory requirements which were seamlessly incorporated into a minimal yet iconic heart-shape

strict requirements

Every surface and feature have a distinct purpose and is designed to meet all the strict test and requirements, resulting in confident parents who do not have to worry about the quality, safety or functionality of the soother.


The soothie will be used in hospitals as well as homes, and thus follows the highest regulatory quality, safety, longevity and hygiene standards thanks to its design and medical grade silicone. It offers new parents the opportunity to give their baby the best.

The one-piece curved design combines all requirements and contemporary features into a safe, easy to clean, ergonomic and gender-neutral package, bringing the classic and well known Philips Avent soothie into the new decade.
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